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Technical Education Seminar Topics and 100+ Project Materials

Technical Education Seminar Topics and 100+ Project Materials


Project / Seminar Topics under Technical Education

In quest of Technical Education project or seminar topics, this platform is intended for (2024) Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in Nigeria and Other Countries, who are searching for research proposal topics with Materials in PDF or Microsoft Word (Docx) that will serve as a roadmap for achieving their final year research aim in Technical Education.

How to Start Seminar Research
  • Select and document the research topics from our list of Technical Education seminar topics that interests you and aligns with your academic background and career goals;

  • Review the synopsis of the complete research material of your selected topics and write a proposal;

  • Present your seminar research topics to your academic supervisor for assessment and approval; and

  • Finally, inform Us with the phone number below after the topic has been approved to obtain the complete research material (Chapters 1–5) including references.

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The sole purpose of this platform is to provide simple and swift methods to find top-notch (2024) scholaristic research topics and materials on Technical Education. The PDF (Microsoft Word) project materials for Technical Education seminar topics that can potentially be chosen for proposal write-up submission are listed below.

100+ List of Available Technical Education Project or Seminar Topics

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Seminar Guideline for Technical Education

Technical Education Seminar research has shown that it is important to be aware that the research write-up for seminar topics on Technical Education is limited to 20 pages, including some sections from the fully obtained research material (Chapters 1–5) and References. When writing up your seminar research, remember to utilize the future tense rather than the past. Students studying Technical Education can use the sections listed below to assist them with their seminar research projects.

  • Introduction of Technical Education Seminar Topics

  • Statement of Problems

  • Motivation of Research (Optional)

  • Purpose (Aim and Objectives) of Study

  • Significance (Justification) of Study

  • Review of three (3) or more related literature

  • Research Methodology

  • Ethical Consideration (Optional)

  • Presentation and Data Analysis (Summary)

  • Conclusion

  • Recommendation of Selected Topic (Optional)

Subject Based Seminar Topics and Research Questions

How Can I Find Seminar Topics Related to Risk Management?

Final year students searching for seminar related topics on Risk Management should refer to this topic “The Impact of Credit Risk Management on Organization Performance” – Credit Risk management is a systematic method of identifying, analyzing, assessing, rating, monitoring, controlling and communicating credit risks associated with any bank’s activity, function or process to avoid or minimize losses and maximize opportunities. The study was carried out to examine the Impact of Credit Risk Management on Organization Performance using Ibolo Micro Finance Bank Offa Kwara State as a Case Study. Investigation revealed that credit risk management on Organization Performance in Nigeria has generated a lot of misconceptions and misinterpretations as regards its importance, the best techniques in its modeling, its benefits to life insurers and most importantly in …

Do You Have Seminar Topics Related to Leadership Style?

One of the most crucial seminar topics pertaining to Leadership Style is “The Effect of Leadership Styles on Workers’ Productivity” – This research work tends to examine the effect of leadership styles on workers’ productivity with special reference to Cadbury Nigeria Plc. Survey design was adopted and research questionnaire was used to gather data from respondents. A sample of one hundred (100) was drawn from the population with the simple random sampling technique. Questionnaire was administered to the sampled staff of Cadbury Nigeria Plc. Three research hypotheses was formulated and tested with the use of Chi-square technique. The analysis resulted into rejecting the three null hypotheses and accepting the alternate, thereby concluding that there is relationship between leadership style and productivity; there is relationship between …

Can i Get Simple Current National Youth Services Corps Research Seminar Topic?

We successfully found a topic related to your query, which is captioned “National Youth Services Corps Scheme as an Instrument of National Development in Nigeria” – There is need to encourage Nigerian Youth to actively participate in national integration and development, rather than have passive beneficiaries of the process of change in society. It is against the back ground that the NYSC scheme sendsteaming Nigeria graduates from various institutions within the country to serve their father land for the period of one year in states other than their states of Origin. Many people see these youths in their uniform without clear knowledge of who they are or what they stand for. Some doubt the wisdom in continuation of NYSC and complain that funding of this scheme …

How can I get one of the best related seminar topics on Job Commitment?

Our research bot has sourced out one of the best related seminar topic titled “Job Satisfaction and Employee Commitment to Work: Comparative Study of Education and Banking Institutions” – Organizations effectiveness is enhanced due to their willingness to promote a sense of commitment and satisfaction among its employees. Employees commitment leads to desirable outcomes for organization in terms of increased productivity, reduction in absenteeism and turnover. Committed employees will work harder and be more likely to go the extra mile to achieve organizational objectives. Motivated employees are more productive. The motivational factors include: job security, regular promotion and opportunities for development, interesting work, environment and satisfaction towards salary. The population of this study was drawn from members of staff of educational and banking institutions within Akoka, Yaba, and Surulere …

Do You Have Final Year Seminar Topics on Exclusive Breast Feeding?

We have source out one of the best seminar topics on Exclusive Breast Feeding, which is “Factors Affecting Exclusive Breast Feeding among Working Class Mothers in Nigeria” – The purpose of this study was to examine the Factors Affecting Exclusive Breast Feeding among Working Class Mothers in Benue State, Nigeria. To achieve this purpose, 10 hospitals were randomly selected using multi-stage sampling technique (simple random, stratified, and purposive sampling techniques). The data was collected using close-ended questionnaire. 500 questionnaires were distributed to nursing mothers who visited antenatal clinics in the randomly selected hospitals, from which 455 were duly completed and returned. Frequencies of percentages and cross tabulation statistics were used to answer research questions. Associations between demographic determinants and breastfeeding practices were analyzed using Chi-square statistics at alpha …

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