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Accredited Universities Offering Law in Nigeria

Universities Offering Law Course

List of Nigerian Universities Offering Law


About List of Nigerian Universities Offering Law

Universities in Nigeria provide a broad range of specialized courses to suit a variety of academic and professional interests. Nigeria boasts a vibrant and diverse higher education system, with numerous Universities dedicated to providing quality education across various disciplines. Among these disciplines, Law stands out as a critical field of study. This platform presents a curated list of Federal, State, Private Universities in Nigeria that offer Law, highlighting their unique strengths and contributions to the field.

List of Federal, Private and State Universities Offering Law

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Frequently Asked Questions on Course Information

What are my options for courses with English, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry JAMB subjects?

The Options that can be studies using the stated JAMB subjects include Agricultural Technology and Education, Applied Chemistry, Biology / Integrated Science, Crop Protection, Crop Science and Technology, Education and Mathematics, English / Integrated Science, Forestry And Environmental Management, Home Economics And Management / Economics, Human Biology, Industrial Safety and Environmental Engineering Technology, Information and Communication Science, Marine Biology and Fisheries, Soil And Environmental Management, Zoology And Aquaculture, and lot more …

What courses can I study with credit passes in English, Mathematics, Literature, and two (2) other Arts Subjects?

You can study courses like Arts and Industrial Design, English (Double Major), English / Efik, English / Ibibio, English / Igala, English / Igbo L2, English / Okpameri, English / Tiv, English / Yoruba L2, Igala / Theatre art, Izon / English, Theatre Arts / Isoko, Theatre Arts / Itsekiri, Theatre Arts / Izon, Tiv / Theatre Arts, and lot more, using the stated ordinary level credits

Can I enroll in a University program with credits in English, Mathematics, Biology, and two (2) other science subjects?

Yes, you can enroll in a University program with these ordinary level credit passes. The 211 options available include courses like Aircraft Engineering Technology, Animal Science and Technology, Auto and Mechanical Technology Education, Crop Production and Soil Science, Education and Chemistry, Geography / Integrated Science, Geological Technology, Health Information Management, Integrated Science, Integrated Science / Biology, Marine Transport and Business Studies, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Physics With Electronics, Pure And Applied Mathematics, Structural Engineering, and lot more …

What courses are open to me with credits in English, Mathematics, Economics, and two (2) arts subjects?

You can pursue courses like Agric-Economics And Extension, Agricultural Administration, Agricultural Economics, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Science and Fisheries Management, Building, Business Administration and Management (BAM), Ceramics Technology, Educational Administration and Planning, Estate Management and Valuation, Procurement Management, Special Education / Business Education, Telecommunication Engineering, Transport Planning and Logistics Studies, Vocational Education, and lot more …

What are the available options for courses with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English JAMB subjects?

Investigation revealed that, utilizing the stated JAMB subjects, you can study courses like Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, Animal Production and Health Services, Applied Mathematics with Statistics, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology, Energy Studies, Environmental Science Resource Management, Fine Arts, Industrial Mathematics / Computer, Physics / Astrology, Plant Breeding and Seed Science, Printing Technology, Soil And Environmental Management, Special Education / Chemistry, Statistics / Computer Science Education, and lot more …

Are there programs available with credits in English, Mathematics, Agricultural Science, and two (2) other Science Subjects?

Definitely, you can pursue courses like Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology, Animal Nutrition, Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology, Animal Science and Fisheries Management, Crop Science and Biotechnology, Forestry Technology, Foundry Engineering Technology, Health and Safety Education, Home Economics and Food Management, Home Economics And Management / Economics, Industrial Physics, Integrated Science / Mathematics Education, Purchasing and Supply (PS), Soil Science and Technology, Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology, .

Can I study nursing with credit passes in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics?

Yes, you can study Nursing with these credit passes. Also, you can pursue other courses like Animal Health and Production Technology, Animal Production and Health, Fashion Design And Clothing Technology, Foundry Engineering Technology, Home Science and Management, Human Anatomy, Mechanical / Production Engineering, Mechatronics and System Engineering, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Music Technology, Office Technology and Management (OTM), Physics / Industrial Physics, Physics and Applied Physics, Physics with Computational Modeling, Public and Community Health, and lot more …

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