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Sparklyn Services is an advertisement website that specialized on product sales and, rendering of several services and deliverables like:

Sparklyn Services is registered with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) under the federal law with RC: 2994849 been one of the top Advertising / Marketing Media in Nigeria.

OUR MOTTO: Reliablity and Transparency!

OUR MISSION: To make financial service easy and accessible to our visitors and members.

OUR VISION: To become the number one in marketing system and ensure the continuity of connecting individuals to reliable sellers across the globe (All over the world).

OUR OBJECTIVE: To be number one in every market we serve and for every branded product we offer. It is also for the purpose of assisting traders and business men & women to facilitate quick sales of goods and also to teach unemployed and jobless youths to become resourceful by learning a handwork.

This platform also provides financial services to all registered member on Sparklyn.com.ng by enabling them earn by selling research work and Ad post with a little token of one time Affilaite Account Activation.