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Benefits of Bead Making Skill

Bead making skill is really beneficial to entrepreneurs in the following ways;

Post by Sparklyn, 19-Jun-2024.
Bead Bracelet

We recommend you to start with a simple Nigerian bead making process. Below you will find the steps  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 19-Jun-2024.
Create Three Lines

You can use a formation of three threads. They are simple beaded. First, you string 16 beads of the  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 19-Jun-2024.
Connect the chains

Now it is time to connect all the chains together, as shown in the photo. You have to drag one chain  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 19-Jun-2024.
Fix the Clasp

You can use a button to fix the clasp it at one end of the bracelet. There is an already formed conv  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 19-Jun-2024.
Spiral Bracelet

You can try to bead spiral bracelet as a beginner. It looks complex but the process is pretty simple  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 19-Jun-2024.
Make the foundation

The first row is the basis of our bracelet. String four beads which are 15/0 in size, eight 11/0, a  [...]

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Business Plan for Small and Medium Scale Businesses

Consequent upon the subject matter above, the Business Plan writeup is the 1st criteria needed for obtaining capital (loan grants or personal fund), small & medium scale business startup and identifying your business current achievement and future aim.Considering your business time factor, the business plan template listed below has been made easy for use📍

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