📚 Departmental Project and Seminar Proposal Topics with Materials
Accountancy / Accounting
Adult Education
Agricultural Engineering (AE)
Banking and Finance (BF)
Building Technology (BT)
Business Education
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Cooperative Economics and Management (CEM)
Curriculum Studies
English Education
📚 (2023) Project / Seminar Proposal Topics and Materials
Linguistics and Communication
Office Technology and Management (OTM)
Pharmaceutical Technology / Science
Political Science
Primary Education
Public Administration (PA)
Public Health
Entrepreneurial Skills
🎂 Cake Making
📹 CCTV Installation
🧀 Chin-Chin Making
🛫 China Goods Importation
🍩 Doughnut Making
🥜 How to Make Peanuts
🎀 How to tie Gele
👄 Make-Up Guide
🎨 Paint Making
🕸 Pom-Pom Rug Making
🍵 Soap Making
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Institutional Course Information and Admission Criteria (First and Second Semester Courses Offered)

Institutional Course Information and Admission Criteria

Course and Admission Information for Nigerian Students


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This library is specifically for all students who is interested in studying ahead of their course mates and also to be informed about what the semester courses entails before the school textbooks is distributed. It comprises each school course information, course outline or curriculum, handouts, as well as the final year project and seminar research material.

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