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Polytechnics Partime Courses Offered for SPAT Programme

Polytechnics Offering SPAT Programme

Polytechnics Offering SPAT Programme in Nigeria


About Polytechnics Offering SPAT Programme in Nigeria

According to Our research, Student Personal Administration Tool (SPAT) is a form of educational program offered by polytechnics in Nigeria. This program is designed for working professionals or individuals who, due to various reasons, could not pursue full-time education. SPAT allows them to enroll in part-time or weekend classes to earn qualifications such as National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND) while balancing work or other commitments. Each polytechnic may have specific details and eligibility criteria, so it is advisable to check with the respective institution for the most accurate information 📍

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List of Polytechnics Offering SPAT Programme in Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions on Course Information

What courses can I study with credit passes in English, Mathematics, Literature, and two (2) other Arts Subjects?

You can study courses like Art and Design, English / Ibibio, English / Igala, English / Ika, English / Mathematics, English / Tiv, Isoko / English, Izon / English, Izon / Social Studies, Special Education / English, Special Education / Fine Art (D/M), Special Education / Theatre Arts, Theatre Arts (Double Major), Theatre Arts / Izon, Theatre Arts / Urhobo, and lot more, using the stated ordinary level credits

Can I study medicine with credit passes in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics?

Yes, you can study Medicine with these credit passes as they meet the typical entry requirements. And you use the credit passess obtained to study other courses like Agric-Economics And Extension, Agricultural Extension Service, Animal Production and Health, Business Administration and Management (BAM), Catering and Hotel Management, Doctor of Pharmacy, Electronics and Computer Technology, Home Economics, Land Surveying, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Microbiology and Industrial Biotechnology, Petroleum and Gas Processing, Port Management, Pure and Applied Physics, Pure and Industrial Physics, and lot more …

What course can i study with credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics?

Well, there are over 268 courses that you can choose from with credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Here are some options: Agricultural Extension And Management, Forestry Technology, Forestry Wildlife and Fisheries, Hospitality Management, Human Biology, Industrial Chemistry, Landscape Architecture, Mathematics / Computer Science, Metalwork Technology Education, Physics Electronics, Physics with Computational Modeling, Quantity Surveying (QS), Science Laboratory Technology (SLT), Special Education / Agricultural Science, Textile Technology, and lot more …

Can I pursue a degree or diploma with credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Government, and two other Arts Subjects?

Yes, you can pursue a degree or diploma in Arabic / Political Science, Christian Religious Studies / Hausa, Cultural and Creative Art / Igbo, Education and Hausa, French / Political Science, Fulfulde / Social Studies, Hausa L2 / Social Studies, Igbo / Political Science, Igbo L2 / Social Studies, Islamic Studies / Political Science, Music / History, Political Science / Ibibio, Political Science / Tiv, Social Studies / Fine Art, Social Studies / Theatre Arts, with these credit passes.

What are the available options for courses with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English JAMB subjects?

Investigation revealed that, utilizing the stated JAMB subjects, you can study courses like Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, Chemical and Polymer Engineering, Education and Physics, Engineering Physics, Fine and Industrial Arts, Geological Sciences, Industrial Design, Industrial Safety and Environmental Engineering Technology, Land Surveying, Marine Engineering Technology, Mathematics, Mathematics and Statistics, Mechanical / Production Engineering, Textile Science and Technology, Transport Planning and Management Education, and lot more …

What courses are open to me with credits in English, Mathematics, Economics, and two (2) arts subjects?

You can pursue courses like Accountancy / Finance / Accounting, Adult and Community Education, Adult Education / Geography and Regional Planning, Agric-Economics And Extension, Agricultural Extension Service, Arabic / Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, Ecumenics / Economics, Educational Administration and Planning, Marine Engineering Technology, Office and Information Management, Petroleum Marketing and Business Studies, Photography, Procurement Management, Social Studies / Geography, and lot more …

Are there any programs I can enroll in with credit passes in Biology, Agricultural Science, Geography, English Language, and Mathematics?

Yes, you can enroll in Agricultural Administration, Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology, Agricultural Extension Service, Agricultural Technology, Animal Science and Fisheries, Animal Science and Fisheries Management, Ceramics Technology, Digital Still Photography, Management Technology, Metalwork Technology Education, Music Technology, Purchasing and Supply (PS), Pure And Applied Mathematics, Special Education / Agricultural Science, Wildlife Management, and lot more …, programs with these credit passes.

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