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This platform is built to teach unskilled and skilled personnel who have interest of learning ankara craft (bags, shoes and accessories). These crafts is made from the scratch and not that an individual is covering anything. This skill doesn't neccessary require you to know how to sew. This platform has taught several people how to make Ankara Craft. Below is some Basic step for beginners; if there is something you don't understand, comment on the form provided and you'll be replied ASAP.

Benefits of Ankara Craft Skill

Ankara craft skill is really beneficial to entrepreneurs in the following ways;

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Post by Sparklyn, 23-Jun-2024.

Hello Everyone, we will be teaching you how to make the beautiful and trendy Ankara accessories like  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 23-Jun-2024.
How to make Ankara bags  6 step tutorial

Did you know you can make your own Ankara bags and get as many as you like? Get the tutorial. It's q  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 23-Jun-2024.
Method 1  how to revamp Ankara bags

Materials and Supplies: An old bag, Ankara fabric, Glue, Knife and Scissors.

Post by Sparklyn, 23-Jun-2024.
Prepare the bag

Ankara fashion styles can be used for diverse types of bags and purses. However, the easiest one is  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 23-Jun-2024.
Measure the fabric

Pick your Ankara fabric and measure it against the bag. You need to figure out the size of drapery p  [...]

Post by Sparklyn, 23-Jun-2024.
Start gluing

You may use your hot glue gun or any transparent all-purpose glue suitable for fabric. Do not use in  [...]

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