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Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic - AAP Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for Tertiary Institution Aspirants

Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAP) Post UTME Past Questions for Art, Commercial and Science Students


Art, Science and Commercial Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic

Consequent upon the subject matter above, the past questions and answers booklet is available for Arts, Commercial and Science Students aspiring to gain admission into AAP. Before proceeding with the booklet acquisition, we suggest you go through the list of courses offered in Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAP).

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Business Administration and Management

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O'Level Requirement

Candidates aspiring to gain admission into Business Administration and Management department should at least obtain five (5) credit (C5 and above) passes in their SSCE subjects including;

  • English Language (not Literature in English)

  • Mathematics

  • Any three subjects from the following: Economics / Commerce, Business Methods, Principles of Accounts, Literature in English, Geography, Office Practice, Biology / Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics, History / Government, Typewriting, and Shorthand

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Post UTME Booklet Enquiry

Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAP) Post UTME Past Questions and Answers BookletClick here to find out the booklet availability via WhatsApp
  • Specifically for aspirants in Arts, Sciences, Commercial and Social Sciences.

Relevance of AAP Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for Aspirants

Alot of Post UTME aspirants who wrote Post UTME without learning from past written questions end up not getting the required tertiary institution cut-off mark, thereby seeking for a way forward from scammers towards upgrading their score.

Acquiring the Past Questions and Answers will give you an edge over students that are yet acquire the booklet.

AAP Post UTME Subjects

Post UTME Questions consist of English language, Mathematics and General Paper (randomly selected Art, Science, or Commercial subjects).

Is Post UTME Score Upgradeable?

Do not be deceive by anyone, Post UTME scores are not upgradeable after examination, but it can be upgraded now! by studying your past questions and answers booklet, as well as your lesson notes.

Reason why AAP Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is Recommended for Aspirants

  1. It makes you to be convensant with the Post UTME questions
  2. It helps you to know if you're set for Post UTME, by attempting the available Post UTME questions and scoring yourself with the Post UTME Answers.
  3. Every year some Post UTME questions are repeated and it gives you the right gesture of the answers.
  4. Post UTME past questions and answers makes you to be aware of what is expected from you by the examiner.
  5. It saves time reading the entire subject textbooks

Post UTME Application and Booklet for AAP Preferable Utilization Choice

Post UTME Applications contains past questions from less years which gives less information to students and sometimes, questions from the Post UTME App. are not likely to come out.

While Post UTME Past Questions booklet provides concise and precise details of the several Post UTME questions and Answers together with the year of entry.

Things to Know Before Writing AAP Post UTME

  • Buy Post UTME past questions and answer booklet
  • Go for lessons
  • Make sure you follow the school procedure/instructions
  • Always study your books and past questions and answer booklet after lessons.

Advantages of Getting AAP Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Booklet

  • It gives you a better view of the area of concentration. That is, what you are expected to know before the examination.
  • It makes you know the rules and regulations onces you are ready.
  • It helps you know if any questions were repeated.
  • It helps you to be time consious.
  • It helps you gain ideas and knowledge about the past Post UTME Questions.

Facts to Observe before AAP Post UTME Examination Hall Entrance

  • Listen carefully to what the invegilators are saying and follow there instructions.
  • Make sure your pen or pencil is writing or well sharpened.
  • Pray to God for wisdom and remembrance of what you have studied.
  • Read the instructions written on the exams booklet.
  • Dont rush to answer the questions, read and digest the questions first before answering.
  • Answer the ones you know first before thinking of the ones you don't know.

AAP Post UTME Departmental Past Questions and Answers

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