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Software Implementation for Mobile Data Acquisition System for Crime Investigation

Software Implementation for Mobile Data Acquisition System for Crime Investigation

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Reference ID: SD-25384-CS

Software Implementation under Computer Science (CS)

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I owe my indebtedness to my Supervisor (Name of your Supervisor), the Head of Department (Name of your HOD), the Lecturers in the department of Computer Science (CS), Book Authors and Profound Scholars of existing/related research work for your moral support that facilitated the successful completion of my (Tertiary Institution level). I am grateful to God Almighty and my parent for their financial support in my career. I really appreciate you all for everything, Thank you very much.


Mobile Data Acquisition System for Crime Investigation





  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Background of Study
  • 1.3 Statement of Problems
  • 1.4 Aim and Objectives of Study
  • 1.5 Significance of Study
  • 1.6 Scope of Study
  • 1.7 Limitations of the Study
  • 1.8 Definition of Terms



  • 2.1 Introduction
  • 2.2 Conceptual Review of Crime Record System
  • 2.3 Overview of Computers in Crime Investigation
  • 2.4 Types of Computer Based Police Investigation Systems
  • 2.5 Process of a Standard Police Investigation
  • 2.6 Advantages of Computer Based Criminal Investigation System
  • 2.7 Disadvantages of Computer Based Criminal Investigation System
  • 2.8 Concept of Crime Registration
  • 2.8.1 Online Crime Registration
  • 2.8.2 Usage of Online Crime Registration Forms
  • 2.9 Theoretical Review of Related Literature
  • 2.9.1 Mobile Forensics
  • 2.9.2 Intrusion Detection
  • 2.9.3 A Fuzzy Inference System for Mobile Forensics



  • 3.1 Methodology Adopted
  • 3.1.1 Problem Identification Using SSADM
  • 3.2 Analysis of the Existing System
  • 3.2.1 Dataflow of the Existing System
  • 3.2.2 Disadvantages of the Existing System
  • 3.2.3 Weakness of the existing System
  • 3.3 Analysis of the Proposed System
  • 3.3.1 Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed System
  • 3.3.2 Advantages of the Proposed System
  • 3.3.3 Justification of the Proposed System
  • 3.4 Functional Requirements
  • 3.4.1 Use Case Diagram Of The Admin / User Privileges
  • 3.5 Data Requirements
  • 3.6 High Level Model of the Proposed System



  • 4.1 Objectives of the Design
  • 4.2 Cohesion and Decomposition High level Model
  • 4.3 Control Center / Overall Dataflow Diagram
  • 4.3.1 Proposed System Operation Flowchart
  • 4.4 System Specification and Design
  • 4.4.1 Input and Output Specification
  • 4.4.2 Database Specification and Design
  • 4.4.3 Data Dictionary
  • 4.5 Choice and Justification of Programming Language
  • 4.6 Program Documentation
  • 4.7 Implementation Techniques
  • 4.8 Programming Module Specification
  • 4.8.1 Installation
  • 4.9 Computer Hardware Minimum Requirement
  • 4.10 Software Requirement
  • 4.11 Personnel / User Training



  • 5.1 Introduction
  • 5.2 Summary
  • 5.3 Conclusion
  • 5.4 Recommendation






The mobile phone device of the suspect is a valuable source of potential digital evidence. The Crime Investigation Mobile Data Acquisition System is developed to carryout tedious work and activities performed by human beings, in which they end up misplacing and discarding some important files and case records. The aim of the study is to Design and Implement a Crime Investigation Mobile Data Acquisition System using State C.I.D. Headquarters Enugu as a case study. In achieving this aim, the following specific objectives were set out as follows to design and develop an application that will: replace some extent of human role in cases of unavailability of job, Acquire crime evidence from mobile phones, and model a computerized crime record to enable professionals and non-professional. The motivation that led to the implementation of the proposed system is as a result of time wasted and resultants long quarries, exposures of confidential matters and inefficiency of some members of staff due to laziness in searching of the files. The methodology adopted in this study is the structured system analysis and design methodology (SSADM) which is a technical approach for analyzing and designing an application or system by applying object throughout the software development process. The programming language used is HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, SQL and JQUERY. The reason why web programming languages was used is because, it is platform independent and it is a web based application. This project will be of benefit to: Police Station Officers, and Military Officers. The expected result is a Crime Investigation Mobile Data Acquisition System that will recover potential digital evidence in a forensically sound manner so that it can be presented and accepted in court.


Mobile Data Acquisition System for Crime Investigation


1.1 Introduction

In the digital forensics field, the mobile phone device of the suspect is a valuable source of potential digital evidence. Digital forensics of mobile phones is intent to recover digital evidence using forensically sound methods, so that it can be presented and accepted in court. Manual acquisition is an easy method to retrieve data from mobile phones (Zareen et al., 2010). The investigator uses the phone keypad to get the phone content. The advantages of this method are that it is the simplest one and it requires no training for the investigator to know how to retrieve phone content. It works with all phone models and does not require any cables to perform data acquisition. The disadvantage of this method is that, it does not preserve the integrity of the evidence. Also, it does not extract all data on the mobile phone such as deleted and hidden files. Another disadvantage is, if the device is in the off state or protected by security key, the investigator cannot perform manual acquisition.

As a prelude to other parts of this study, this chapter will discuss the background upon which this study was initiated, the statement of problems that led to this study, the Aim and Objectives of the study. Others are Significance of the study, Scope of work, Limitation of the study and Definition of technical terms.


2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

This chapter focuses on the review of related literature. A literature review includes the current knowledge as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. It documents the state of the art with respect to the topic you are writing. It surveys the literature in the topic selected. In this research work the literature review includes the …

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Major Sections

  • Motivation for Embarking on the Project

  • Brief Background of Study

  • Statement of Problems

  • Aim of the Study

  • Specific Objectives of the Study

  • Significance of the Study (Who benefits from the project and how?)

Elective Sections

  • Methodology and Reason for Using It (such as; models, SSADM, or OOADM)

  • Tools (programming languages and software used)

Summary Headlines for Mobile Data Acquisition System for Crime Investigation

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