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Design and Implementation of a Visa Processing Management System A Case Study of Some Selected Immigration Office in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State

Design and Implementation of a Visa Processing Management System

Project / Seminar Material
Reference ID: PS-5049-TM


This research material titled “Design and Implementation of a Visa Processing Management System” is dedicated to God for his enabling grace, and to all computer enthusiasts who contributed to make life a pleasant experience during my research documentation.


I extend my sincere gratitude to all those who contributed to the completion of this project. Special thanks to my Supervisor (Name of your Supervisor), the Head of Department (Name of your HOD), the Lecturers in the department of Computer Science (CS), Book Authors and Profound Scholars of existing or related project material on “Design and Implementation of a Visa Processing Management System” for their invaluable guidance, support, and expertise throughout the journey.

I am also grateful to your study area (mention any funding organizations, if applicable) for their financial assistance. This research would not have been possible without the encouragement and assistance of some stakeholders (mention any mentors, teachers, or colleagues). Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the understanding and patience of my family and friends during this endeavor. Your unwavering support has been a constant source of motivation. Thank you all for being part of this meaningful endeavor.







    • 2.1 Introduction



    • 3.1 Methodology Adopted
    • 3.1.1 Problem Identification Using SSADM
    • 3.2 Analysis of the Existing System
    • 3.2.1 Dataflow of the Existing System
    • 3.2.2 Disadvantages Of The Existing System
    • 3.2.3 Weakness of the existing System
    • 3.3 Feasibility Study
    • 3.3.1 Economic Feasibility
    • 3.3.2 Technical Feasibility
    • 3.3.3 Operational Feasibility
    • 3.4 Analysis of the Proposed System
    • 3.4.1 Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed System
    • 3.4.2 Advantages of the Proposed System
    • 3.4.3 Justification of the Proposed System
    • 3.5 Functional Requirements
    • 3.5.1 Use Case Diagram Of The Admin / User Privileges
    • 3.6 Data Requirements
    • 3.7 High Level Model of the Proposed System



    • 4.1 Objectives of the Design
    • 4.2 Cohesion and Decomposition High level Model
    • 4.3 Control Center / Overall Dataflow Diagram
    • 4.3.1 Proposed System Operation Flowchart
    • 4.4 System Specification and Design
    • 4.4.1 Input and Output Specification
    • 4.4.2 Database Specification and Design
    • 4.4.3 Data Dictionary
    • 4.5 Choice and Justification of Programming Language
    • 4.6 Program Documentation
    • 4.7 Implementation Techniques
    • 4.7.1 System Testing
    • 4.8 Programming Module Specification
    • 4.8.1 Installation
    • 4.9 Computer Hardware Minimum Requirement
    • 4.10 Software Requirement
    • 4.11 Personnel / User Training
    • 4.12 File Maintenance Module



    • 5.1 Introduction
    • 5.2 Summary
    • 5.3 Conclusion
    • 5.4 Recommendation




    Design and Implementation of a Visa Processing Management System (A Case Study of Some Selected Immigration Office in Abeokuta South Local Government, Area of Ogun State)



    1.1 Background Of The Study

    In this project, design and implementation of a computerize visa processing information system is based on how you can get lot of information about our service, from advice on how to apply for a visa, to news about immigration policy changes. I hope you find it helpful.

    A UK visa is the overseas arm of Britain’s integrated border management. We have visa offices in 160 locations throughout the world. The largest handles 300,000 applications a year; the smallest less than 10. we issue visas to 80% of those who apply and stop only those who are significant immigration risk to the UK. We process over 90% of straightforward applications within 24 hours. This is a record of which we are proud, but we aim to do even better.

    Our new mission statement explains how UK visas will deliver the border objectives set by our parent department, the home office and foreign and common wealth office; to achieve a balance between managing travel and migration and preventing illegal immigration

    Our goals are

    1. To bring communities together
    2. To improve Britain’s competitiveness as a destination for travel, trade, migration and investment
    3. To prevent immigration abuse
    4. To deliver for money
    5. To earn public confidence

    1.2 Statement Of The Problem

    In British visa processing information system, the problems we are facing are (i) Bankruptcy Attorney e.g. consumer present their case at legal match by through extensive client acquisition and market outreach efforts our legal match will assists thousands of visitors every day seeking help with their legal issues. In some areas consumers can also reach us by phone so new bankruptcy legislation may make it harder to find an attorney. (ii) Another problem in visa processing into system is the privacy and security problems ie using illegal or fraud visa to go to overseas. (iii) Health (tuberculosis) screening is another problem in visa processing system since it valid for larger than six months in certain countries now require a certificate to show that they are free from infections tuberculosis (TB) before that person will travel to overseas. The Government announced on 21 July 2005 its intention is to implement the first phase of an overseas screening programme for TB for people applying to enter the UK for more than 6 months in four year strategy earlier this year. The benefit of the programme is that successful applicants will benefit on arrival in the UK as they will not need to be referred to the port medical inspector before being allowed to enter the country.

    1.3 Purpose Of The Study

    The UK purpose of study in visa processing system is to achieve the following Diplomatic mission.

    1. A Diplomatic Mission is the office of a country’s diplomatic representative in the capital city of another country.
    2. Diplomatic Mission are established in accordance with the erovisions of the Vienna convention on Diplomatic relations 1961.
    3. Diplomatic Mission of a common wealth country in another common wealth country is called a “High commission”
    4. The head of mission is called “High commissioner”.
    5. A diplomatic mission in any foreign (i.e. non-common wealth) country is called an Embassy and the head of mission is called Ambassador’
    6. High commissions and Embassies perform the same functions and have the same status.
    7. The good management of our diplomatic mission is essential to the success of their work.

    1.4 Objective Of The Study

    UK visas began life as the joint entry clearance unit (JECU) in June 2000. it was established jointly by the foreign and common wealth officer and the home office to manage the UK’s entry clearance (visa) operation.

    Visa or entry clearance applications are processed by entry clearance officers in UK embassies, high commissions and consulates abroad, collectively known as UK missions. UK visas work closely with the immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) of the Home office, the Government department responsible for immigration policy and dealing with applications from people already in the UK to extend their stay; or to change their immigration status. UK visas reports to a joint management board of senior foreign and common wealth (FCD) and Home office officials and to ministers in both departments.

    1.5 Scope Of The Study

    The scope of the study is concerned with the review to improve. Britain’s competitiveness as a destination for travel, trade, immigration and investment and to bring communities together. Specifically the study covers such areas like how UK visas will deliver the border objectives set by our parent department, such as the home office and the foreign common wealth office in order to achieve a balance between managing people’s travel and migration, and also preventing illegal immigration. In this study new computerized system is produced / designed after the critical analysis of the existing system of British embassy and visa processing information system.

    1.6 Definition Of Terms


    It is a stamp or mark put in your passport by officials of a foreign country that gives you permission to enter pass through or leave their country.


    It is a building in which a group of official led by an ambassador work in order to represent their government in a foreign country e.g. American embassy in London.

    High Commissioner:

    It is a person who is sent by one commonwealth country to live in another, in order to protect the interests of their own country


    It is the process of coming to live permanently in a country that is not your own.


    It is an organization consisting of the United Kingdom and most of the countries that used to be part of the British Empire.


    2.0 Literature Review

    2.1 Introduction

    This chapter focuses on the review of related literature. A literature review includes the current knowledge as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. It documents the state of the art with respect to the topic you are writing. It surveys the literature in the topic selected. In this research work the literature review includes the …

    Summary Headlines for Design and Implementation of a Visa Processing Management System

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